Prinz Rudolf
80 new & smart rooms
for caravans

The Smart hotel
in Merano

Prinz Rudolf is back! 

Empress Sissi's only son, Prinz Rudolf, has been in Merano at least as often as his renowned mother. Rudolf was a cheerful and rebellious young man, adventurous and enterprising, curious and hungry for novelty. He loved to stay in our city and if he could, he would certainly still want to spend some time in our mountains. Fortunately, you dear fans of Merano will be able to do so from May 2020, in the new Prinz Rudol Smarthotel. Yes, Prinz Rudolf is back!

lage & Location

THE Rooms

Simple and modern. Comfortable and equipped with high-quality mattresses. 
Views of the forests, mountains and the city of Merano.
Simple is beautiful + affordable.


The one the prince particularly likes:
Chilling on the roof, feasting, drinking good.

OooH, Merano
how beautiful you are

The spa town, its surroundings, activities and the Prinz Rudolf.
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